The Business Challenge

A Singapore company with operations in China, saw an opportunity to develop a unique logistics solution to track food shipments using tagging technologies.

This would offer a secure tracking on products from overseas points of manufacture through the process steps of export, shipment, import, warehousing, distribution and sale to customers via both distribution as well as online channels, into the China market.

The Solution

While the company knew the markets well, they needed to design both the technology solutions using a robust and reliable technology architecture, and the business operating model that with will scale and help grow their business.

They engaged a Radialis executive to provide technology and business leadership and strategic advisory services.

The Result

As a strategic advisor to the company, our expert helped the management ideate and develop the architecture, the solution and the operating business model.

Engaged suitable partners to execute the technology roadmap, its development and its implementation on a cloud based platform, in an efficient, quality and cost effective manner.

Ensured time to market to secure quick customer wins.

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