Interim Managers are an excellent solution for businesses

To grow and transform your business in times of opportunity and crises, you will often need the most talented senior executives and specialists to deal with challenges, lead change or fulfill a gap.

Our Interim Management Services, offer clients, a flexible resourcing solution to enlist the services of a senior level executive or specialist on a temporary basis.

Such services over time will add value to your business.

Our interim managers help you in four main areas.

  • To fill a critical vacant role.

  • To improve a process, function or unit.

  • To grow or transform a company.

  • To restructure or handle major crises.


  • Fill a critical role until a permanent replacement has been appointed.

  • Bridge a gap due to leave, sickness or resignation.


  • Improve group finance and controlling.

  • Build strategic purchasing function, reduce inventory and product cost.

  • Improve factory quality and productivity.

  • Increase supply chain capacity or efficiency.

  • Ensure successful launch of new product line.

  • Build a new business unit.

  • Manage a business functional area.

  • Lead a transition or change process.

  • Human resources and mobility management.


  • Lead a stagnated company back into growth.

  • Build a new international distribution setup.

  • Build and implement new operations blueprint.

  • Implement major process reengineering and ERP program.

  • M&A and post M&A integration.

  • Program office.


  • Lead a transition or change process.

  • Turn a company around.

  • Get rid of a company.

  • Refinance a company.

Your benefits

  • Flexibility and efficiency of resourcing.

  • Availability at short notice.

  • Delivering you the experience you need when you need it.

  • Proven Management, Operational and Leadership Skills.

  • External know how transfer.

  • Independent and ability to offer a fresh perspective.

  • Cost Effective.

  • Solution without permanent commitment.

  • An immediate solution without a permanent commitment.

  • Interim Mangers are hands on rather than consultant ‘advisors’.

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