Mentor and Coach services that enable you to tap our executives’ experience in running companies in many different industries to help you shape your successful journey, especially for new new market entrants.

With our partnership with Patina Solutions Inc. we have on tap a global network of industry veterans with 25+ years of operational experience who deliver specialized expertise targeted to our clients’ unique needs and circumstances. This model is highly flexible, collaborative and consultative, enabling companies to get results utilizing only the resources they need, when they need them.

The Patina CAMEO program matches successful senior executives as external Mentors with Mentees for the purpose of accentuating professional development. Mentors support career achievement acceleration for Mentees through a partnership based on candid and confidential feedback. Mentors pair their guidance and wisdom with practical “been there, done that” knowledge, tools, and support for career success. The Mentor Bank® by Patina is an exciting new way for corporations to develop and retain their high potential leaders.

We can help you roll out diversity mentoring programs that will help your organization discover top talent, encourage employees to build career paths, and create an environment with equal opportunities so all employees feel empowered to collaborate. Our diversity mentoring programs delivered in partnership with Talking Cranes will help you combine all of the benefits of informal relationships with a structured goal. And when a diversity mentoring program is set up correctly, your organization will be able to track and measure results to tie to business objectives to achieve demonstrable value.