Project Description

Our consultants can help you better maintain your assets, saving on your resources and workload or staff through predictive and preventative maintenance strategies, implementation of the most appropriate maintenance program for your needs and deployment of appropriate business tools.

  • Understand the true cost of maintenance

  • Recommend and implement CMMS and other maintenance management tools

  • Integrate reliability centered maintenance (RCM)

  • Predictive and preventative maintenance

  • Maintenance, repair, operations (MRO)

  • Work order management solutions

  • Interface and extract of information from your control system to maintenance applications

  • Provide remote 24/7/365 support for your ongoing maintenance needs.

  • Design a program tailored for your operations

  • Provide manufacturing automated maintenance consulting services


These services are offered in collaboration with Eagle Technology Inc.

CMMS Consulting Services

Our CMMS consulting services is designed to save you time and money and will ensure you get your CMMS implementation off on the right foot.

Our consulting process determines which assets and information need to be entered into your CMMS software, revealing things like projected savings and improving processes for your company. The CMMS implementation process is not a simple one-time installation, it establishes the frame work for the correct use of CMMS software, especially for the future.

Our consultants possess many years of facilities experience. Over the years, we have developed a set of Best Practices and would like to share them with our customers.

Our Process

  • We begin each project with a thorough Needs Analysis. This includes determining the goals of the project. “We always begin with the end goal in mind. What will it deliver today and in the future?”
  • We determine responsibilities and processes. Then we figure out how the software can best fit into the processes. We determine required interfaces with other systems in your building or plant. We also put an auditing program in place.
  • Next comes a review of your data. Is the existing data useful? Is it valid? Where will the data be coming from? How will we migrate it to the CMMS system?
  • Following the data review, we will help configure users, modules, security, roles and reports in the CMMS system. This is a necessary prerequisite to bringing in the data.
  • Once the system is configured, the customers’ data is brought into the system. It is tested for data integrity and validity.
  • Testing is an essential part of the consulting process. Not only is the software tested, but the process flow is tested; do the two work together seamlessly?
  • Following thorough testing, training can be set up. Training can be aimed at the end-user, administrator, or based on other roles or functions.
  • Finally, the results are managed. By this we mean monitoring of user feedback, analysis of data via KPIs and reports.
  • We also offers periodic review of data. We also develop specific reports for management.

Other Practice Areas